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Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related charts for The Netherlands. The Dutch Official Top 40 charts are courtesy of radiostation Veronica and the Dutch Top 40 Foundation. These were Top 40 singles and Top 50 albums (later Top 100). The TV albums chart was a Top 15 for items advertised on TV, and ran from the summer of 1981 until the end of 1984.

The National Hitparade was a Top 30 chart until the middle of 1978 when it became a Top 50 chart. In 1989 it became a Top 100 chart and it still is a Top 100 chart today. This chart is the more popular chart nowadays.

Thanks to Marnix ten Brinke for the National Hitparade charts, and additions and assistance to the other charts. Thanks also to Walter Veldman, Stephen Flanagan, Trijnie Dijkema, Gary Collins, Colin Hughes and Maurizio.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart. Items with "n/a" in the date column did not chart, but came very close to charting.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if a number 1, how many weeks spent at the top spot.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.


Netherlands Singles - Dutch Official Top 40
n/aPeople Need Love----
23/06/1973Ring Ring0508
21/12/1974Honey, Honey1606
22/03/1975I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do0310
06/12/1975Mamma Mia1307
20/03/1976Fernando01 (03)12
14/08/1976Dancing Queen01 (05)15
13/11/1976Money, Money, Money01 (02)12
26/02/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You0307
29/10/1977The Name Of The Game0209
28/01/1978Take A Chance On Me0209
20/05/1978Eagle/Thank You For The Music0409
16/09/1978Summer Night City0509
27/01/1979Chiquitita01 (01)13
12/05/1979Does Your Mother Know0408
27/10/1979Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0209
15/12/1979I Have A Dream01 (03)11
02/08/1980The Winner Takes It All01 (06)14
15/11/1980Super Trouper 01 (02)10
n/aLay All Your Love On Me----
12/12/1981One Of Us01 (02)09
20/02/1982Head Over Heels0406
30/10/1982The Day Before You Came0307
11/12/1982Under Attack0506
12/05/1984Thank You For The Music3803
26/09/1992Dancing Queen1505
01/01/2011Happy New Year0802
31/12/2011Happy New Year1102
29/12/2012Happy New Year1702
04/01/2014Happy New Year2401+
11/09/2021I Still Have Faith In You2101
11/09/2021Don't Shut Me Down1802+
04/11/2021Just A Notion7301+

Netherlands Singles - National Hitparade
14/06/1973Ring Ring0508
11/04/1974Waterloo01 (02)11
19/12/1974Honey, Honey1704
21/03/1975I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do0308
05/12/1975Mamma Mia1204
12/03/1976Fernando01 (03)10
06/08/1976Dancing Queen01 (07)14
12/11/1976Money, Money, Money01 (02)08
25/02/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You0207
28/10/1977The Name Of The Game0211
04/02/1978Take A Chance On Me0209
27/05/1978Eagle/Thank You For The Music0710
23/09/1978Summer Night City1010
03/02/1979Chiquitita01 (01)16
12/05/1979Does Your Mother Know0311
27/10/1979Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0212
22/12/1979I Have A Dream01 (01)13
09/08/1980The Winner Takes It All01 (05)14
22/11/1980Super Trouper 01 (01)11
n/aLay All Your Love On Me----
04/12/1981One Of Us01 (01)11
12/02/1982Head Over Heels01 (01)07
22/10/1982The Day Before You Came0311
03/12/1982Under Attack0708
14/04/1984Thank You For The Music2304
12/09/1992Dancing Queen2409
08/01/2000Happy New Year1503

Netherlands Albums
30/08/1975The Best Of Abba0811
01/05/1976The Best Of Abba (Re-Entry)01 (09)53
04/09/1976The Very Best Of Abba1124
06/11/1976Arrival01 (08)49
07/01/1978Abba - The Album01 (05)38
10/11/1979Greatest Hits Vol.20419
12/01/1980Voulez-Vous (Re-Entry)0514
15/11/1980Super Trouper01 (09)19
30/05/1981A Van Abba01 (04)24
12/12/1981The Visitors01 (06)22
20/11/1982Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years0415
28/10/1989Love Songs3811
03/10/1992Abba Gold0255
05/06/1993More Abba Gold1717
17/04/199925 Jaar Na "Waterloo"01 (03)51
02/10/199925 Jaar Na "Waterloo" - Deel 20723
17/03/2003The Definitive Collection3922
02/02/2004The Definitive Collection6106
23/10/2006Arrival Deluxe8501
09/12/2006Number Ones5711
02/08/2008Abba Gold0918
11/04/2009The Albums (Box Set)3706
28/04/2012The Visitors5501
12/04/2014Abba Gold (40th Anniversary Edition)6006
11/09/2021Super Trouper5201+
11/09/2021ABBA Gold3401+
13/11/2021Voyage01 (02)17

Netherlands TV Albums
14/04/1984From Abba With Love0114

Netherlands Back Catalogue Albums
??/07/2008The Definitive Collection3303+
??/08/200818 Hits1701+

Netherlands DVD
03/03/2003The Definitive Collection0887
10/04/2004In Concert1704
15/05/2004In Concert2503+

Agnetha Fältskog:

Netherlands Singles - Dutch Official Top 40
02/10/1982Never Again2404
14/05/1983The Heat Is On0210
30/07/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me0507
16/03/1985I Won't Let You Go1807
n/aThe Last Time----
24/04/2004If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind3102
16/03/2013When You Really Loved Someone7601

Netherlands Singles - National Hitparade
24/09/1982Never Again1905
14/05/1983The Heat Is On0511
23/07/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me0409
12/03/1985I Won't Let You Go1707
06/02/1988The Last Time4008
03/04/2004If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind2008

Netherlands Albums
11/06/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me0321
30/03/1985Eyes Of A Woman1508
06/02/1988I Stand Alone2209
24/04/2004My Colouring Book1110


Netherlands Singles - Dutch Official Top 40
21/08/1982I Know There's Something Going On0308
16/10/1982To Turn The Stone0607
n/aHere We'll Stay----

Netherlands Singles - National Hitparade
20/08/1982I Know There's Something Going On0309
15/10/1982To Turn The Stone0807
30/04/1983Here We'll Stay3403

Netherlands Albums
18/09/1982Something's Going On0413

Benny Andersson:

Dutch Albums
07/10/2017Piano1502+Deutsche Grammophon


Netherlands Singles - Dutch Official Top 40
05/01/1985One Night In Bangkok0211
02/02/1985I Know Him So Well2610

Netherlands Singles - National Hitparade
22/12/1984One Night In Bangkok01 (02)13
12/02/1985I Know Him So Well1610

Netherlands Album


Other Netherlands Singles - Dutch Official Top 40
06/07/1968Sunny GirlHep Stars0412
02/11/1968Music BoxHep Stars2007
18/07/1981More StarsStars on 450409
18/12/1982Met Kerst Ben Ik Alleen (The Day Before You Came)Andre Hazes1304
07/07/1984CassandraBonnie & Jose2405
04/08/1985Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do)Bonnie & Jose3604
19/04/1986Just Like ThatGemini2105
07/01/1989I Know Him So WellWhitney & Cissy Houston1406
07/01/1989Bring Me EdelweissEdelweiss0311
04/07/1992Abba-Esque (EP)Erasure0710
10/10/1992HighlandOne More Time1807
24/04/1999Thank Abba For The MusicVarious Artists1412
19/06/1999Mamma MiaAbba-Teens0912
28/08/1999Super TrouperA*Teens1209
04/12/1999Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!A*Teens2704
04/12/1999Flying Without Wings / I Have A DreamWestlife1910

Other Netherlands Singles - National Hitparade
17/12/1982Met Kerst Ben Ik Alleen (The Day Before You Came)Andre Hazes0304
23/06/1984CassandraBonnie & Jose1908
02/07/1985Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do)Bonnie & Jose1809
17/12/1985Waarom (Move On)Ron Brandsteder and Bonnie & Jose3506
08/04/1986Just Like ThatGemini2405
17/12/1988I Know Him So WellWhitney & Cissy Houston1610
24/12/1988Bring Me EdelweissEdelweiss0214
27/06/1992Abba-Esque (EP)Erasure0414
03/10/1992HighlandOne More Time2010
31/05/1997Zwoele Zomer (Put On Your White Sombrero)Dana Winner5611
17/04/1999Thank Abba For The MusicVarious Artists1418
12/06/1999Mamma MiaAbba-Teens0723
14/08/1999Super TrouperA*Teens1118
20/11/1999Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!A*Teens2411
27/11/1999Flying Without Wings / I Have A DreamWestlife1718
13/05/2000Dancing QueenA*Teens8802

Other Albums
21/08/2004Mamma Mia!Nederlandse Musical Cast01 (03)48?
15/07/2008Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack0538

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