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Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related charts for the United Kingdom. They are from the Music Week charts - Top 50 singles and albums until 1978, when they became Top 75. Later on they also introduced a "Next 25" chart, where the next upcoming 25 songs were included - these did not include songs moving down. Special thanks to Stephen, Colin Hughes, Patrick Blake, Michael Kyriagis, Gareth Jones and Paul Campbell for additional information!

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart. If the item did not chart, this is the release date.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if it was a number 1 single or album, the amount of weeks spent at the top spot.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: The catalogue number assigned to a particular item by the record company. This is different in each country.


British Singles
12/10/1973Ring Ring----Epic EPC 1793
20/04/1974Waterloo01 (02)09Epic EPC 2240
13/07/1974Ring Ring3205Epic EPC 2452
22/11/1974So Long----Epic EPC 2848
12/07/1975I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3806Epic EPC 3229
20/09/1975SOS0610Epic EPC 3576
13/12/1975Mamma Mia01 (02)14Epic EPC 3790
27/03/1976Fernando01 (04)15Epic EPC 4036
21/08/1976Dancing Queen01 (06)15Epic EPC 4499
20/11/1976Money, Money, Money0312Epic EPC 4713
26/02/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You01 (05)13Epic EPC 4955
22/10/1977The Name Of The Game01 (04)12Epic EPC 5750
04/02/1978Take A Chance On Me01 (03)10Epic EPC 5950
16/09/1978Summer Night City0509Epic EPC 6595
03/02/1979Chiquitita0209Epic EPC 7030
05/05/1979Does Your Mother Know0409Epic EPC 7316
14/07/1979Angeleyes/Voulez-Vous0311Epic EPC 7499
20/10/1979Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0312Epic EPC 7914
15/12/1979I Have A Dream0210Epic EPC 8088
02/08/1980The Winner Takes It All01 (02)10Epic EPC 8835
15/11/1980Super Trouper01 (03)12Epic EPC 9089
18/07/1981Lay All Your Love On Me0707Epic EPC A 1456
12/12/1981One Of Us0310Epic EPC A 1740
20/02/1982Head Over Heels2507Epic EPC A 2037
23/10/1982The Day Before You Came3206Epic EPC A 2847
11/12/1982Under Attack2608Epic EPC A 2971
12/11/1983Thank You For The Music3306CBS A 3894
30/08/1992Dancing Queen1605Polygram PZCD 231
26/10/1992Voulez-Vous----PolyGram PZCD 239
14/12/1992Thank You For The Music----PolyGram PZCD 250
20/07/2008Mamma Mia5605Universal
16/09/2021I Still Have Faith In You1403Universal
16/09/2021Don't Shut Me Down0908Universal
04/11/2021Just A Notion5901Universal
18/11/2021When You Danced With Me6701Universal
10/12/2021Little Things6103Universal

Official Audio Streaming Top 100
10/09/2021I Still Have Faith In You7201Universal
10/09/2021Don't Shut Me Down5003+Universal

British Official Vinyl Singles Top 40
14/10/2016Dancing Queen0303+Polar
14/10/2016Money, Money, Money0403+Polar
14/10/2016Knowing Me, Knowing You0503+Polar
10/11/2017The Name Of The Game0302+Polar
10/11/2017Take A Chance On Me0402+Polar
27/04/2018Summer Night City2401Polar
21/06/2019Voulez-Vous01 (01)01+Polar
21/06/2019Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0401+Polar
21/06/2019I Have A Dream0501+Polar
21/06/2019Summer Night City0601+Polar
21/06/2019Does Your Mother Know0801+Polar
10/09/2021The Winner Takes It All2802Polar
10/09/2021Super Trouper3901Polar
10/09/2021I Still Have Faith In You01 (02)03+Universal

British Official Physical Singles Top 100
14/10/2016Dancing Queen0418+Polar
14/10/2016Money, Money, Money0503+Polar
14/10/2016Knowing Me, Knowing You0519+Polar
10/11/2017The Name Of The Game0302+Polar
10/11/2017Take A Chance On Me0402+Polar
??/??/2018Summer Night City??02Polar
21/06/2019Voulez-Vous01 (01)01+Polar
21/06/2019Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0401+Polar
21/06/2019I Have A Dream0501+Polar
21/06/2019Summer Night City0601+Polar
21/06/2019Does Your Mother Know0801Polar
03/09/2021Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!r7502Polar
10/09/2021Happy New Year6501Polar
10/09/2021Super Trouper4501Polar
10/09/2021The Winner Takes It All3403+Polar
10/09/2021I Still Have Faith In You01 (01)03+Polar
10/09/2021Don't Shut Me Down0203+Polar
17/09/2021Lay All Your Love On Me7301Polar
04/11/2021Just A Notion0101+Universal

British Albums Chart Top 75
08/06/1974Waterloo2802Epic EPC 80179
31/01/1976Abba1310Epic EPC 80835
10/04/1976Greatest Hits01 (11)130Epic EPC 69218
27/11/1976Arrival01 (10)92Epic EPC 86108
04/02/1978Abba - The Album01 (07)61Epic EPC 86052
19/05/1979Voulez-Vous01 (04)43Epic EPC 86086
10/11/1979Greatest Hits Vol.201 (04)63Epic EPC 10017
22/11/1980Super Trouper01 (09)43Epic EPC 10022
19/12/1981The Visitors01 (03)21Epic EPC 10032
20/11/1982Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years01 (01)22Epic Abba 10
19/11/1983Thank You For The Music1712Epic EPC 10043
19/11/1988Absolute Abba7007Telstar TCD 2329
03/10/1992Abba Gold01 (08)809+Polygram 517007-2
05/06/1993More Abba Gold1333Polygram 519353-2
07/11/1998Love Stories5102Polygram 559221-2
10/11/2001The Definitive Collection1708Universal
18/11/2006Number Ones1507Universal
27/01/200718 Hits1551Universal
06/12/2008The Albums (Box)8904Universal
05/05/2012The Visitors6201Universal
19/04/2014Gold/More Gold - Greatest Hits5902+Universal
11/10/2014Live At Wembley Arena3001Universal
10/09/2021ABBA Gold - Anniversary Edition7201Universal
12/11/2021Voyage01 (01)11+Polar

British Official Physical Albums Top 100
10/11/2017The Album7601+Polar
12/11/2021Voyage01 (01)02+Polar

British Official Sales Top 100
12/11/2021Voyage01 (01)02+Polar

British Budget Albums
04/01/1997The Music Still Goes On01 (02)??Spectrum 551109-2
15/03/2003The Name Of The Game02??Spectrum 064969-2

British Music Video & DVD
??/??/1992Abba Gold01??PolyGram
??/??/1993More Abba Gold05??PolyGram
??/??/1999Forever Gold01??PolyGram
??/??/2000The Winner Takes It All03??Universal
10/08/2002The Definitive Collection0237?Universal
23/08/2003Abba Gold (DVD)0305Universal
04/04/2004In Concert0211Universal
01/08/2004The Last Video0903?Universal
02/10/2004Super Troupers0207Universal
30/09/2005Abba - The Movie0102Universal
06/07/2008Abba Gold (DVD)0205+Universal

Agnetha Fältskog:

British Singles
n/aNever Again----
28/05/1983The Heat Is On3506
18/08/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me4405
22/11/1983Can't Shake Loose6301
n/aI Won't Let You Go8404
n/aOne Way Love----
n/aThe Last Time7703
n/aI Wasn't The One----
n/aLet It Shine----
18/04/2004If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind1105
20/06/2004When You Walk In The Room3402
23/11/2013I Should've Followed You Home9901

British Albums
11/06/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me1813
04/05/1985Eyes Of A Woman3803
12/03/1988I Stand Alone7201
25/04/2004My Colouring Book1204


British Singles
21/08/1982I Know There's Something Going On4307
n/aTo Turn The Stone----
n/aHere We'll Stay10001
n/aHeart of the Country----

British Albums
18/09/1982Something's Going On1807

Benny Andersson:

British Albums


British Singles and Albums
10/11/1984One Night In Bangkok1213
05/01/1985I Know Him So Well01 (04)16
02/11/1985Chess Pieces8703


British Singles
20/07/1974Honey HoneySweet Dreams1012
04/07/1981Stars on 45 Volume 2Stars on 450210
21/07/1984The Day Before You CameBlancmange2208
22/11/1986WaterlooDoctor & The Medics4504
06/05/1989Bring Me EdelweissEdelweiss0507
13/06/1992Abba-esque (EP)Erasure01 (05)12
09/09/1992Dancing QueenAbbacadabra5701
24/10/1992Erasure-ish (EP)Bjorn Again2502
10/04/1999Thank Abba For The Music (Medley)Various0413
25/12/1999I Have A DreamWestlife0117
20/07/2008Honey HoneyMamma Mia! Movie Cast6102

British Albums
14/07/2008Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack (Compilations Chart)01 (11)79
08/07/2008Mamma Mia!Cast Recording1904?

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